The Best Gaming Monitors For Any Budget in 2021

, The Best Gaming Monitors For Any Budget in 2021, The Habari News

Samsung has produced our favourite ultra-wide panels for years now, and the Neo G9 (£1,749) is the firm’s latest and best iteration. 

This updated version of last year’s Odyssey G9 deploys Samsung’s Quantum Mini LED technology. It’s a proprietary version of the Mini LED hardware that’s found in high-end TVs. These LEDs are smaller than conventional LEDs, so more fit inside each display. Those LEDs control brightness, which means they’re effectively tiny dimming zones. Last year’s G9 had ten large dimming zones – the Neo G9 has 2,048 mini LEDs.

The Neo G9 delivers perfect black points and incredible fine control over brightness levels. The panel hits a peak brightness of 2,000cd/m2. The result is spectacular: the Neo G9 serves up perfect contrast, sensational brightness and vibrancy, loads of detail and the best performance we’ve yet seen from a gaming monitor in HDR titles.

Elsewhere, the Neo G9 stays the same as last year’s display. It’s a 49in panel with a 5,120 x 1,440 resolution and 32:9 aspect ratio that proves incredible in racing, flight, FPS and RPG games. The 1000R curve is absorbing on a panel of this width, the display has a monster 240Hz refresh rate and underneath it’s a VA panel with a 1ms response time. The measured Delta E of 1.9 means accurate colours, the colour temperature of 6,192K is great, and the panel rendered all of the sRGB gamut and almost all of the DCI-P3 colour space. 

As usual, this ultrawide doesn’t have many adjustment options, and it still doesn’t have USB-C or Thunderbolt. It’s a mighty 1,148mm wide and it weighs a hefty 16.7kg. It costs £1,749, too, so it’s significantly more expensive than the previous G9.

There’s no denying the quality, though – this is the best ultrawide on the market and it’s not even close thanks to its incredible mini LEDs, superb colours, and monster form factor.

, The Best Gaming Monitors For Any Budget in 2021, The Habari News

Pros: World-class mini LED design; immersive form factor; top-notch image quality 

Cons: Not suitable for all games; heavy and large

Price: £1,749 | Check price on Selfridges | Currys | Samsung 

Asus ROG Swift PG259QN

The best esports gaming monitor

, The Best Gaming Monitors For Any Budget in 2021, The Habari News

Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 | Size: 25in | Syncing: 360Hz AMD FreeSync/Nvidia G-Sync | Panel type: IPS | Quoted contrast: 1,000:1 | Inputs: 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI, 2 x USB