All the Good Black Friday Deals You Can Get Tonight

, All the Good Black Friday Deals You Can Get Tonight, The Habari News

With the same refined style as the 9 Pro model and the fast Snapdragon 888 processor inside, the OnePlus 9 appears to be a smaller version of one of our favourite Android phones at first, but there are some important differences. The 6.55-inch display boasts a 120Hz refresh rate, but it’s not variable here, which means it can drain the battery, and the 1080p resolution fails to impress. We were also a little disappointed by the triple-lens camera. A big chunk off for Black Friday, taking it down below £500, makes this a more appealing pick. Last year’s OnePlus 8 Pro is also down to £359

Bose is one of those curious companies that like to sell its relatively new products at the prices it announces. It’s a novel idea, and means this Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds’ £70 reduction is actually something of a stunner. These are possibly the best earphones you can get for active noise cancellation, in a punch-up with the Sony WF-1000XM4 and AirPods Pro, and currently cost less then either. Like most consumer earphones they have slightly boosted bass, and it’s less localised than the Sony WF-1000XM4, leading to just a hint of congestion in vocals. But they are a hugely enjoyable listen all-round.

This cleaner from Dyson is one of the very best around, and is typically priced closer to £600. Its auto floor detection adjusts the floorhead depending on the surface while the colour display clearly notifies you when it’s nearly time for a charge. You can respond accordingly by selecting between three battery modes too. The design, cleaning prowess and 60 minute runtime makes cleaning with this V11 Absolute an absolute dream.

, All the Good Black Friday Deals You Can Get Tonight, The Habari News

Apple just launched the AirPods 3 for the curiously high-price of £169, despite its lack of features that rivals offer at under £100. Even more egregious is the fact you can pick up the latest AirPods Pro—now snappable to a MagSafe charger—for just £30 more. The upgraded pair offer a more secure fit, active noise cancellation and more. As with most Apple fodder, they are a great pick if you’ve got an iPhone or MacBook for them to seamlessly connect to as well.

, All the Good Black Friday Deals You Can Get Tonight, The Habari News

Outside of Apple’s near total dominance on the smartwatch front, Fitbit has provided some pushback with its cheap and cheerful fitness trackers. The Charge 4 is one of our favourites and offers up GPS, swim tracking and sleep monitoring for under £100. You’ll get a ton more battery here than Apple’s offering too—at up to seven days. Aside from fitness perks, there’s notifications from your phone and apps on offer like a timer and weather reports.

We’ve called the Sony A7 III “the best all-round mirrorless camera under £2,000”, but it’s much cheaper even than that thanks to this deal. A premium full-frame model equally at home capturing 24.2MP stills or 4K video, it’s a great shout at this price. Word of warning: the £400 discount does include £200 cashback, so you will have to claim that back from Sony after purchase.

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New AirPods 3 (£169) may have just hit the shelves but a price hike for the 3rd Gen earbuds from Apple may be a key point of persuasion for sticking to the older models. For under £100, there’s no frills, with just wired charging on offer from this case. However, you get the extreme convenience of using these alongside your iPhone, decent sound and support for issuing voice commands to Siri.

You see AirPods absolutely everywhere but the people in the know know Sony are offering the best wireless earbuds around right now. At under £200 this week, you get rich and pleasing sound, impressively long battery life and a great app for customising to your tastes. There’s solid active noise-cancelling too. The previous model, the XM3, were a tad on the large side. With the XM4, Sony modernised the look and gave them a more manageable size.

The Jabra Elite 75T have been around since 2020, but are still some of the best true wireless earphones for exercise. They have greater water resistance than the newer Elite 85T, for example, IP55. Jabra also gets full marks for commitment to its customers, because it added active noise cancellation to these earphones well after launch. It works pretty well too considering these earphones don’t have the internal microphones usually required for active noise cancellation. 

Samsung’s latest buds go head to head with the original AirPods, and severely undercut the new AirPods 3. The Buds 2 offer supreme simplicity when it comes to using them alongside a Samsung phone but work great with other Android devices too. Unlike Apple’s latest option, you get active noise cancellation for blocking out distractions along with a stylish range of colours beyond just white.

Outdoors, Fitness and Grooming 

GoPro, Amazon 

With class-leading video capabilities like 5.3K/60p and 4K/120p recording and rock solid HyperSmooth 4.0 image stabilisation, the GoPro Hero10 Black is currently the best action camera on the market – and this is the cheapest it’s ever been. This deal includes a 1-year GoPro Subscription, which offers a few decent benefits, but if you really don’t want that you can also buy the Hero10 from Amazon at a decent discount.

This is one of the best Black Friday discounts for cyclists, particularly if you’re not timid about getting out on the road now it’s cold. The Garmin Edge 530 is a full colour cycling computer that usually costs upwards of £200, but is now selling for £170. It offers, of course, full directions and mapping, plus fitness metrics when paired with an HR strap or power meter. It supports ANT+, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the full gamut of connectivity for a bike computer. European maps are included.

Deals on high-end bike turbo trainers have been rare since the start of 2020. We’ve finally snagged one. The Tacx Flux 2 Smart is available for £150 less than the normal Amazon price, which has held more-or-less steady since June 2020. It offers 2000W maximum resistance, in order to emulate serious inclines of up to 16 degrees. Turbo trainers like this work beautifully with cycling platforms such as Zwift, making indoor training much less of a bore.

, All the Good Black Friday Deals You Can Get Tonight, The Habari News

Looking to work out at home but a pricey treadmill doesn’t take your fancy? Hydrow switches up that formula in favour of a rowing machine. This current offer bags you £500 off the rower’s typical price, giving you cash in the bank to pay for the £38 per month membership that gives you access to 3,000 works to do at home. It doesn’t come cheap but might be for you if you plan on rowing until your heart’s content—or likely beating very fast.

If you’ve thought about jumping on electric bikes but scoffed at the price, a nigh on £1,000 saving might you think again. This BMC cycle is a full-carbon bike offering upwards of 100 miles of range. There’s also a 5 speed hub gear and a belt drive, aiming to provide miles of riding without the hassle of much maintenance. Handy extras include integrated lights, mudguard and a pannier rack on the back. Even with all these features, it still weighs just 18kg—the lower end of the scale for most e-bikes.

Beard trimmers often fall into one of two categories—plastic and cheap feeling or metal and overly weighty. Philips 5000 series beard trimmer gets the balance right, sitting in the middle of these two awkward ends of the spectrum. It’s a jack of all trades that’s accurate and, as opposed to some similarly priced rivals, doesn’t feel like you are wielding a toy in your hand.

Winter is just around the corner, making the idea of getting out on your bike a bit less appealing. The Tacx Flow Smart is one of the most affordable ways to dabble in at-home training. It’s a full smart turbo trainer, meaning its resistance can be controller by the popular cycling platforms automatically. The price of these trainers reached ridiculous levels in 2020, so it’s good to see them return to normal. This price is £50-70 less than what you’d normally pay. 


Black Friday days often come with inflated discount claims, but Richer Sounds undersells this Dali Kubik One deal. It costs £399, listed as a £100 reduction. However, other hifi stores still sell this great-sounding soundbar for £799. Dali took a different approach to other lifestyle TV speaker makers here, by sticking to a classic stereo speaker arrangement rather than trying to generate cod surround sound from a single box. The result is larger drivers, higher fidelity sound and better-rendered dialogue. It’s not a laser-focused TV speaker either, so you’ll need to connect it using an optical cable rather than the usual HDMI soundbar input. 

2021 marks the Tribit Stormbox Micro’s second Black Friday outing. This year’s deal beats the last by a grand total of 50p. But that does not mean this year’s bargain is a bad one. It’s still far cheaper than it usually is. The Stormbox Micro is a rugged little waterproof speaker with a rubber strap that lets you attach it to a bike’s handlebars. Or, for the non-cyclist, a host of other things including rucksack straps. The sound quality is excellent for its size, and bass is strong thanks to the use of a passive radiator.

This speaker is a miniature powerhouse, and a Black Friday favourite. It is not the first time the Anker Soundcore 2 has sold for £28, but it does spend much of the year at £40, before dipping down to £28 or £30 occasional. And that’s when you should bite. It has two active drivers and a spiral bass port, for more powerful low-end frequencies. The price and sound are just right, and battery life is ultra-long at up to 24 hours.

Polk is an American audio company not quite as well-known in the UK, but it produces quality soundbars. The React is a fabric-covered soundbar that typically costs £70-80 more at Amazon. It doesn’t include the optional subwoofer but arguably does not need it as the vanilla sound is powerful. If you do want to get the subwoofer, it is also on sale during Black Friday, bringing the total for the pair to around £312. The bar has an HDMI for connection via ARC and supports Amazon Alexa.

Swanky audio brand Sonos has whacked 20% off its range of accessories to assist with your holiday season purchases. There’s a wide range but some top picks include a Beam Wall Mount (£48) and a pair of stands (£160) for your Sonos One speakers. A bit more of an out there option that’s found itself nestled in Sonos’ accessories is the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable (£400)—letting you play your favourite records through your Sonos system.

Smartphone and Tablets 

, All the Good Black Friday Deals You Can Get Tonight, The Habari News

Some less than impactful Hasselblad camera branding aside, the OnePlus 9 Pro still remains one of the best Android phones you can buy. It has a stunningly luxurious display and OxygenOS runs like a rocket. The range of colours have upped the class factor for a OnePlus flagship too. The Hasselblad partnership may have not taken this camera over the top but it remains the best camera that the former flagship killer has produced.

You want a cheap tablet? Amazon is the quick and easy option, requiring a minimal amount of cash for a decent level of compatibility and reliability. Along with access to the likes of Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ and more, you can get in your e-reading with the Kindle app. Amazon has also improved hardware compatibility with this model too—finally adding USB-C. And, of course, Alexa is here too for added voice command convenience.

The Xiaomi 11T Pro was already a sound deal at £600, and is a bit of a steal with £100 off. It has the top-end Snapdragon 888 processor, a Gorilla Glass Victus screen and incredibly fast 120W charging. The camera may not quite match the Pixel 6 Pro’s in all respects, but the sheer abundance of phone tech you get for £500 here is impressive. Its typical price is £599, just as Amazon claims.

While Samsung’s flagships and foldables may get most of the attention, the Korean manufacturer releases a lot more phones than just that. The A52s is a far more accessible entry-point for getting on the Samsung train than many of its other options. This £329 phone comes in a striking range of colours and offers capable performance. The Super AMOLED display and camera system surpass many rivals at this low price.

, All the Good Black Friday Deals You Can Get Tonight, The Habari News

Lenovo’s hybrid Chromebook is a great option if you’ve looked at this style of tablet before but not wanted to pay premium Microsoft Surface or Apple iPad prices. It’s extremely portable, making it ideal for taking to class or working in a coffee shop. You are slightly limited by ChromeOS but, if your workload is writing essays, browsing the web or watching movies, this is ideal.

, All the Good Black Friday Deals You Can Get Tonight, The Habari News

The Paperwhite has been a wondrous innovation for the Kindle brand, shooting for simplicity over flashy tablet features. There’s almost nothing better for getting your e-reading done and the price is stunningly low. Along with an adjustable light and a battery that can last weeks, its waterproof too—for all your bathtime reading needs. This appealing deal is for the previous generation, if you want the latest and greatest there’s the All-new Kindle Paperwhite (£130).

A hard drive is the computing equivalent of buying a decent bin for you kitchen. Not exciting, but you probably won’t regret it. To get this amount of storage from external SSDs you’d be looking at around a £1,500 spend and at least five drives. This HDD packs the lot into one enclosure. Its speed is actually very good for a mechanical hard drive, with reads around the 200MB/s mark. Before Black Friday it was usually seen selling for between £350 and £460 at Amazon.

, All the Good Black Friday Deals You Can Get Tonight, The Habari News

Budget laptops can often have pretty underwhelming displays—a necessary con that comes with the pro of a low price. This VivoBook, one of the best cheap laptop ranges around, packs in an OLED display. The panel gets up to 400 nits in brightness and offers a vibrant 100% DCI-P3. For the sake of OLED you compromise a little on performance with a lower-end Core i3 processor. But with 8GB RAM it’s more than enough for day-to-day productivity tasks.

How can your first response to this ultra-wide monitor not be “wow”. It measures 49 inches across and has a super-ultra-mega wide angle aspect ratio of 32:9 — like two standard widescreen monitors strapped together. It’s a 1440p screen with Samsung QLED LCD tech, a 240Hz refresh rate and 1000R curvature. You wouldn’t buy one for the spare room office PC, but it’s an amazing gaming monitor. This has already dropped out of some retailers’ sales selections, so don’t hang around on this one.

This is one of the best all-rounder laptops you’ll find at £700. It’s £200 off the recommended original price, and has a fistful of brilliant characteristics. The keyboard is excellent. The 13.5-inch screen is sharper than the 1080p norm and its inner surface is covered in Alcantara, a high-end synthetic suede that looks smart and is hard-wearing. Storage is the only potential issue. A 128GB SSD isn’t ideal if you want to install some large games on your Surface Laptop 4. If that’s going to be a problem, consider one of our other selections or look to pick up an external SSD too.

Razer has a huge range of peripherals but this is one of the best value-for-money options if you’re a serious gamer. This wired mouse is blazingly fast with a 20K optical sensor, along with 8 programmable buttons and 5 on-board memory profiles. And, of course, it supports Razer Chroma so you can make it in keeping with your setup.

, All the Good Black Friday Deals You Can Get Tonight, The Habari News

Microsoft just released the Surface Go 3, but it’s primarily a spec boost so there’s still plenty of life left in the Surface Go 2 — particularly with around £110-190 off depending on your point of reference. This is an ultra-slick hybrid PC with a lovely magnesium alloy casing, a great screen and a far better video chat camera than most £1,000-plus laptops. Its entry-level Pentium processor is not hugely powerful but handles the basics just fine. We recommend you buy it with the keyboard accessory, as it comes tablet-only as standard. Bundles are available through the link above.


, All the Good Black Friday Deals You Can Get Tonight, The Habari News

Apple has the smartwatch market pretty much sewn up and the Series 6 continued the simple but effective formula—adding a bigger screen this time out. If you’re a fan of Apple’s iOS smartwatch offerings then you can bag yourself a rare Apple product discount right now. The Watch 6 adds a ton clever wrist-based convenience as well as a wide range of customisation options via its watch bands.

Fitbit’s latest slim activity tracker builds on an already popular formula—with this model coming with a delightful 6 months of access to the company’s premium platform too. The tracker itself can manage up to 7 days of battery life, a built-in GPS, 24/7 heart rate tracking, 20 exercise modes and a workout intensity map. Outside of fitness, there’s an always-on display, smartphone notifications and Fitbit Pay.

, All the Good Black Friday Deals You Can Get Tonight, The Habari News

Samsung’s latest flagship smartwatch is the first powered by a revamped Wear OS—with the Korean outfit playing nice with Google to try and catch up to the Apple Watch. Samsung already made the best Android watch but collaboration does offer enhanced access to all your favourite apps, from music to fitness. The watch has a minimal and more traditional watch look, compared to the square design offered by Apple—if that isn’t your bag.

The Fitbit Versa 3 is one of the friendliest fitness trackers around. It has full GPS for the runners and cyclists, 24/7 heart rate, sleep tracking and up to 6-day battery life. Fitbit is set to move away from the Versa 3’s simple software in future, to use Google’s Wear OS instead, but you’re highly unlikely to see 6-day battery life from those future watches. £139 is a great deal for this watch, and a solid £21 cheaper than its lowest price before the Black Friday period. It’s also not uncommon to see the watch sold at its £199 RRP.

For some time, Tile was the only Bluetooth tracking game in town but the impending launch of Apple’s AirTags piqued the interest of other companies. As such, Samsung jumped onboard the key finding waggon with the SmartTag. You get 120m of range for finding whatever precious items you decide to attach it to and can hunt them down on your phone. The app is also able to notify you when you get close. 

, All the Good Black Friday Deals You Can Get Tonight, The Habari News

The last-generation Huawei GT2 is one of the best-value fitness watches you can get at £85. It has a good heart rate sensor, full GPS, a bold and sharp OLED screen, and top build quality. This was the generation before Huawei adopted a full smartwatch approach — meaning there are no extra downloadable apps here — but this also leads to battery life of up to two weeks. Low cost, low maintenance, and it’s fun to use.

AirTags came charging into the Bluetooth tracker market earlier this year but Tile has kept trucking along. Its new 2022 range adds a more playful look to much of the trackers along with enhanced range and battery life. The standard Mate is durable and ideal for sticking in a bag or on your keys. With such a low price, especially compared to some rivals, it’s tempting to pick up a few.

Argos, Amazon 

An entry-level Samsung like the 55AU7100 is perhaps your best option if you want a large, high-quality set that won’t clean out your savings. Thanks to Argos’s TV10 discount code it ends up around £47 less than most other retailers’ Black Friday deals. Samsung uses VA panels in these TVs, with deeper blacks than you’d see from a comparable LG set. Viewing angles are a little more restricted as a result, but you can’t help but be impressed by the cinematic 55-inch picture offered here for a little over £400.

This latest generation of Google’s streaming stick has a full on-screen interface, and support for game streaming service Stadia. It’s a 4K-ready dongle, and a good way to avoid buying a new TV if your current one’s smart services are starting to look a little musty. A £15 discount may not sound too dramatic but the Google Chromecast with Google TV has mostly stuck to its standard £59 price since it arrived in late 2020.

Amazon, John Lewis 

Most portable projectors are bad. The Nebula Mars II Pro is not. It’s a cute little miniature picnic box projector with its own Android-based smart TV interface, battery and carry handle. This is the higher-end 2020 version of the projector rated at 500 lumens brightness. Its resolution is only 720p, but is still able to produce a watchable picture at up to 100 inches in a very dark room. It has sold for £10 less during very brief windows at the tail end of 2019 and beginning of 2020. But this is the cheapest it has been for over 18 months.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K is the best-value streaming stick of Black Friday so far for most people. As its name suggests, it supports resolutions up to 4K, and can handle Dolby Vision HDR. If you have a 4K TV it’s worth the £5 upgrade over the basic 1080p Fire TV Stick, which is also on sale.  These smart sticks support voice commands, using a mic on the remote, and let you install stacks of other apps on the 8GB internal storage — there’s a microSD slot too.

The latest device from streaming dark horse Roku keeps things cheap and simple, as you’d expect from a bit of kit with an ‘Express’ moniker. For just £25, you get 4K HDR and a platform-agnostic interface. As well as access to all your favourite apps, there’s a useful companion app and support for smart assistant integration—no voice remote with this model, however.

Logitech has long been a trusty brand for your typical keyboard and mice but it’s been in the gaming space for some time now—and its reliability has expanded to this space too. This wired gaming headset is a no-frills option. Its super cheap but still comes with 7.1 surround, DTS Headphone:X 2.0 and is extremely lightweight. The G432 also comes with a pleasing pop of colour—a little bit of personality that won’t sear your eyeballs.

Game streaming service Stadia may not have been the runaway success Google hoped for but this controller plus Chromecast Ultra package should encourage many new folk to give it a try. Either of the two components, pad and Chromecast, is worth more than £20 alone. Second-hand Chromecast Ultra dongles have sold for much more second-hand on eBay. Despite its age the 2016 Ultra is a 4K-ready streamer worth using even if you have no intention of playing Stadia long-term.

The idea of spending over £250 on a Lego set may cause revulsion in some of you but, yes, this is a legit deal. LEGO’s Mos Eisley Cantina usually costs £320, and is a large 3187-piece set for the real Lego enthusiast. 21 figures are in the box, including seven you won’t find elsewhere like Ponda Baba, Dr. Evazan, Garindan and Kardue’Sai’Malloc. Yes, there are Luke and Chewbacca minifigs too. This set was announced in 2020, and was tricky to find in stock until well into 2021: the Star Wars effect. 

You might assume a Nintendo licensed microSD card would represent a bad deal. It often does, but not during Black Friday. This SanDisk-made card offer 128GB storage and is perfect for a Nintendo Switch. Real-world read speeds of a shade under 100MB/s makes game loads zippy. But, most important of all, it’s cuter than other microSD cards. The price of this card yo-yos all over the place but is often around £23.

, All the Good Black Friday Deals You Can Get Tonight, The Habari News

Christmas of 2020 was new console season. This year, particularly for PS5 owners, it might be time to take advantage of the option to add internal storage. This WD SSD can be added to your PS5 to create some much needed room for more games. It’s extremely fast at up to 7000MB/s, meaning you won’t compromise on game standards when playing from it. The SSD is simple to install as well, with Sony provided easy to follow instructions.

PC gaming can be an eye-searingly expensive hobby, with a decent gaming rig costing you close to £1,000 and upwards. Thankfully, there’s value to be had with the options on offer for your gaming monitor. This Asus panel comes in at 24.5in, FHD and 144Hz—strong entry-level chops. There’s a narrow bezel so it doesn’t cramp your setup’s style either.

Finding the right gaming desktop can be a tough task and the price of components can rise pretty quickly and, if you aren’t a PC building fiend who knows all the right moves to make to get the most out of each part, it can be a bit daunting. This AlphaSync prebuild comes with one of the newer Nvidia graphics cards, the RTX 3060Ti, alongside a top-end AMD Ryzen 7 processor. At just over a grand, you can expect glorious 1080p graphics from this machine or mid-tier delights if you’re looking to go up to a 1440p resolution.

Home, Food and Drink

Amazon, John Lewis, Ninja

Ninja’s classic 3-in-1 food processor is available from several of the usual suspect retailers, like Amazon and John Lewis. However, if you buy direct from Ninja you get it in an “exclusive” blue finish. Other versions are black/grey, so take a look. All do the same stuff. Ninja calls it a 3-in-1, but it can chop, slice, grate, puree and mix. That’s five things before you even get imaginative. £200 is the quoted RRP, but it has sold for around £150 a few times in 2021.

Amazon’s latest Echo Show is a handy smart assistant device if you want all the Alexa usefulness with a small display slapped on. The display will offer up information in context with your requests, like the weather, your currently playing music and more. It’ll also show the time and can display some of your cherished photo memories. The small device even offers up video calling with a button to electronically disconnect the camera and microphones for added peace of mind.

Amazon, Argos

Black Friday is closing in so, of course, Amazon’s latest and greatest smart speakers have received a discount. The Echo Dot 4th Gen ditched the puck look for a less pedestrian and more futuristic orb design. Along with the revamped build, you get improved sound and microphones, with this model coming with a handy clock too.


These professional straighteners from GHD offer a comfortable ergonomic fit along with clever predictive heat technology. The ultra gloss plate coating aims to offer 20% more shine. There’s also a handy sleep mode for dodging that nightmarish, “did I leave the straighteners on moment?” once you’ve left the house. The GHDs will switch off if not used for 30 minutes.

If you’ve ever fancied pouring yourself the perfect pint at home but recoiled at the idea of shelling out on a full at-home bar setup, the Philips PerfectDraft may be a great fit that takes up far less space and, likely, far less of your cash. This machine can be teamed up with 40 different kegs, from which you’ve got upwards of 10 pints. Don’t worry about needing to drink your way through the key too quickly either, with it staying fresh in the machine for up to 30 days. You get two BeerHawk pint glasses with this too, so you’re ready to go from the off.

Sitting by a warm fire or heater outside is great and all but what if the 500-degrees of heat is cooking you a pizza too. This off-peak Ooni pizza oven is ideal for garden get-togethers. It gets up to maximum temperature in just 15 minutes and can cook you a stonebaked pizza in just 60 seconds. Most remarkably, it weighs just 12kg—giving you the option to move it around your garden with little care.

This semi-manual bean-to-cup machine gives you a hands-on feel while taking up less space in your kitchen. It’s effectively a grinder attached to a manual espresso machine, and not the fully automated kind usually described as “bean to cup”.  The De’Longhi Specialista Prestigio is a relatively new model that sold for £100 more at Amazon before Black Friday, and can be found for up to £200 more elsewhere online at the time of writing.

Adding smart tech to your doorbell just seems like an obvious step in 2021. But, it’s fair enough if you can’t be chewed to get someone in to sort the installation. Solving this is Arlo, offering a wireless video doorbell that you can install yourself. This door cam offers 1080p video, 2-way audio, motion detection, night vision and a built-in siren.

As home cinemas fast become the default cinema for many, there’s a few ways to jazz up your movie-watching experience. This LED Lightstrip Plus is a good way to add a bit of ambiance to proceedings. Simply, whack it being your TV and away you go. You can use this lightstrip in anyway you feel though, from sprucing up a desk to lighting up a hallway. It’s smart home compatible with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant too.

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